Academic Career Plan

Academic Career Plan

The Virginia View website is a great resource for parents and students in grades 4-7 to explore the different career clusters, take career interest and skill inventories, and to search for specific careers and jobs within Virginia.  Please click on the link below to start your Career Exploration TODAY!!!




The Virginia Education Wizard has been developed to help students explore careers, find college majors that match their career intersts, estimate and compare college costs, plan for college admission, and begin planning for their future.  Beginning in the 8th Grade,  all students will use the Virginia Education Wizard to complete career assessments, choose a career pathway that best fits their skills and intersts, and develop an Academic Career Plan that will follow them throughout their high school careers.   The Virginia Education Wizard has developed interactive research tools that can assist students in finding a career that is right for them, inform them of the necessary education and financial steps needed to obtain that career, and provide resources and assistance in taking those steps towards the future.    While the Virginia Wizard is available for public use,  the Shenandoah County School District has pre-assigned each student with their own Wizard account.  Beginning in the 8th Grade, students will team up with their counselors and teachers to begin utilizing this program to develop their state mandated Academic Career Plans. 




Together, we will take the first steps toward ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to have a successful future. 

Please click the link below to view the Virginia DOE Policy update on the Academic Career plan development for all Virginia Public School students. 


Guidelines for Academic and Career Plans
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