Peer Mediators

PMMS Peer Mediators


PMMS Peer Mediators have developed a Pledge that can help students stay focused on school, prevent personal conflicts, and use healthy conflict resolution skills. 


"STAY COOL" Pledge

If I sign the "Stay Cool" pledge, I agree to do the following things: 

- I will respect myself and others at all times
- I will be nice to people when using Facebook or Myspace
 - I will be nice to people in person
- I will solve problems with others "face to face"
 - I will avoid using Facebook or Myspace as an outlet for my frustrations
- I will choose not to believe everything I hear
 - I will choose not to "sweat the small stuff"
- I will always attempt to resolve conflicts in a mature way

If I am in a conflict with Someone, I will practice my mediation skills by:

1.  Respecting the other person's right to speak
2.  Listen to the other person's story without interrupting
3.  Being aware of my volume and tone of voice
4.  Avoiding bullying behaviors towards the other person when working out the conflict
5.  Not blaming the other person
6.  Focusing on my own behaviors instead of theirs
7.  Discussing ideas that both individuals can use to solve the problem and prevent future conflicts
8.  Agreeing to compromise and follow through with a proposed soutions

If I have tried to resolve my conflict in a mature way and by using the skills listed above;  and still do not feel comfortable about the situation, I know I can seek help from an adult. 


Our Purpose

Students will occasionally identify a peer conflict that has surfaced within the school environment and one that is interfering with a students ability to focus and function 100% within the classroom and hallways or our school.  Here at PMMS we train our students to work together to overcome these social conflicts by way of Conflict Mediation.  A select group of students are trained to assist other students in working out their differences and resolving common problems and peer conflicts.  These students are trained to mediate, monitor, problem solve, and resolve conflicts between their peers.  Peer Mediation services are offered through the School Counseling Center and can be requested anytime there is a conflict between students that meet the criteria for a mediation session.