BYOD Information

PMMS Instructions to Connect to BYOD Wireless

  1. On your device, go to the option that shows the available wireless networks.

  2. Select the one entitled, SCPS-BYOD.

  3. Insert password.

  4. Go to a web browser

  5. A screen will appear with an Important Notice.  You must click the “I Understand and Accept the Usage Terms” button in order to proceed.

  6. After the device is logged in the first time, it will not be necessary to enter the password in the future.

  7. The Important Notice screen will appear each day and you  will have to click the acceptance button.

  Expectations of Students when using BYOD Wireless

  • Students are responsible for their device

  • Students bring fully charged devices to school

  • Use devices for learning  with teacher permission

  • Make good choices

  • Devices away during lunch

Video Instructions